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——  Phosphorus pentoxide  ——

Phosphorus pentoxide (English name: Phosphorus pentoxide) white powder, relative density 2.39, melting point 580-585℃, 300℃ sublimation. It is soluble in water and sulfuric acid, but insoluble in acetone and ammonia. It absorbs moisture and deliquescence in the air, and will burn when it comes in contact with organic matter.

Introduction of basic conditions:
1. Alias: Phosphoric anhydride
2. Molecular formula: P4O10 (generally written: P2O5)
3. Molecular weight: 141.94
4. Classification and numbering of dangerous regulations:
GB8.1 class 81063. Original regulation of rail transportation: Grade 1 inorganic acid corrosion products. 91034, UNNO:1807. IMDG CODE 8198 page, 8 categories.
5. Chemical formula: P2O5